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Apr 22, 2019

This week, the Thompsons and Sam stealthily sneak back into a game from Season 1, Spycraft! It's just so good (and Sam really wanted to do it), how could we not go back? Check out our interview with one of the game's creators that we posted last night!

John and Roxy Thompson, and Sam Howard


Apr 22, 2019

On this episode of Credits Page, John sits down with Patrick Kapera, formerly of AEG and now co-leader of Crafty Games, to talk about the company and their beloved IP, Spycraft!

Host: John Thompson
Guest: Patrick Kapera

Check out Crafty Games' website!

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Apr 8, 2019

This episode, our team dives head-first into the horror property, Little Fears! Little Fears is the granddaddy of the "Bizarre Coming of Age" style games like Kids on Bikes or Tales from the Loop. Also, Passionerdly Podcasts is proud to have the first interview for the launch of Little Fears - Cthulhu Tales, a comic...